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I found a great book last week while scanning the shelves of a thrift store.  It’s by a guy in Seattle named Dan Reeder, and it’s all about Paper Mache.  Paper Mache monsters.


This book was written for me – boy howdee is it for me!

Dan has been trying to change the world’s opinion of paper mache for decades now, and his book does a great job of showing just what is possible with newspaper, water, and a little flour. I’m inspired.

Reading his book then led to searching out videos of his process on YouTube. Which then led to his blog. And all of the incredible tips and tricks buried in the comments sections. You know how you can binge on a tv show? I’ve been binge-ing on Dan’s paper mache the last few days. Many of his designs are of incredibly detailed dragons:

Dan Reeder’s Amazing Dragons

I’ve been so inspired that I’ve started work on my own dragon. So far it’s looking great (at least I think so!):

I’ve been very encouraged so far, it’s really been going well. If that continues, expect to see more posts as my dragon emerges from the paper & paste…