Kolchak on X-Files?

I spotted something last night in the ‘next week’ previews for The X-Files.  There were a couple of glimpses of a middle-aged man in a light colored coat wearing a straw hat with a red band.  I immediately said to my wife “That’s Kolchak!”.  To which she said “Who?”…So I explained about Kolchak: The Night Stalker, an X-Files-esque show from the mid-70’s.   X-Files creator Chris Carter has cited Kolchak as an influence on the show, and it looks like they may be giving the character a tip of the hat in next week’s show.  Here’s a shot from the preview side-by-side with Darren McGavin of Kolchak fame.

kolchak x

Yep, that’s the same guy that played the Dad in A Christmas Story (Bumpussessss!).

All twenty episodes of Kolchak are available on Netflix right now.  Watch them!  They’re old, but they’re fun!

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